SOUND OFF / April 3

Published 12:44 am Sunday, April 3, 2011

Sound Off highlights anonymous, brief takes on the news offered via telephone by Daily News readers.

My electric rate is higher than what was listed in the paper. Did anyone else experience this?

Well, you got me. I was so upset and getting ready to call Sound Off protesting about Jumble being canceled. Then I realized what day it was, which was also today’s answer. You got me!

I wish they would open South Dimock Street to Crown Drive. It would make things a lot easier and people wouldn’t be driving over the grass.

It is difficult to understand why Mr. Cook, who is clearly looking out for the long-suffering taxpayers, should be asked to defend his vote. Welcome to the world of yellow-dog newspapers. Editor’s note: Rep. Bill Cook, R-Beaufort, called the Daily News to volunteer his defense of legislative changes to the state health care plan. The newspaper did not ask Cook to defend his vote.

Wouldn’t it be cheaper for the city to buy the old Family Dollar Store and make that the new police station, versus trying to make the police station work in a low area, in a ditch? It is always going to be moldy.

Bill Cook’s recent actions show that he is working for the state and not for a certain select group of individuals. Bill Cook: You did the right thing.

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