It’s about protection, not about politics

Published 1:13 am Thursday, May 26, 2011

It really should come as no surprise that some Republicans in the N.C. General Assembly are drunk with power — or give that impression. After all, more than 100 years passed before they gained control of both houses of the General Assembly earlier this year.
It seems as the current legislative sessions moves on, those Republicans are getting even more power drunk. And we know what happens to drunken folks — they tend to make some irrational, if not stupid, decisions. It appears some Republicans in the Legislature are not exempt from doing that.
When it comes to budget matters, the Republican mantra seems to be cut, cut and cut, with little, if any, regard to how those cuts will affect North Carolinians. Be cautious when making cuts. A cut here, a cut there can be tolerated, even applauded as necessary. Too many cuts and one can bleed to death. That’s true for a state, too.
For some reason, at least in our opinion, the Republicans seem determined to gut effective programs such as Smart Start, an early childhood education initiative that has received national recognition for its effectiveness. That investment in our children should be enhanced, if possible, by the Legislature, not afflicted with so many cuts that it bleeds to death.
Like drunken drivers who pose lethal dangers to motorists and pedestrians, power-drunk legislators are posing lethal dangers to the state’s early childhood care and education programs. Like drunken drivers, they must be held accountable for their harmful actions.
Part of that accountability can come at the ballot box. Perhaps being turned out of office will sober them up.
This discourse is not about politics; it’s about protecting our children’s futures.