Chemistry excited third-graders

Published 12:45 am Sunday, June 19, 2011

Twenty-one third grade students at John Cotten Tayloe Elementary School traveled to Washington High School June 1 to watch and take part in Marie Swann’s AP chemistry class.

A’Leiya Bell shows third-grader Emily Grimes how to make carbon-dioxide bubbles. (Submitted Photo/BCS)

The high-school students amazed and excited the JCT students by showing them several experiments that proved that chemistry could be fun. The chemistry students explained the differences between chemical and physical changes while demonstrating experiments that used dry ice, soda cans, fire and household liquids.

The AP Chemistry students who took part in the class were Hannah Sandy, Neeti Mehta, Geovanne Romero, Kevin Chavez, Michael Hall, Emily Hodges, Sean Griffin, Josh Crozier, A’Leiya Bell and Taylor Jarvis.