SOUND OFF / July 3, 2011

Published 1:43 am Sunday, July 3, 2011

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It would be a nice gesture for the Washington Daily News to take responsibility for the newspapers being delivered late. It is not the deliverer’s fault, but the delayed truck he waits for. We always blame the wrong party.

What happened to Friday’s Sound Offs?

I don’t see any reason that Beaufort County Community College should have anything to do with any other community colleges.

If you would back off the “yellow dog” filter setting to the “blue dog” filter setting, you would probably get a lot more Sound Off comments, and some of them might even be worthwhile.
Why in the world don’t they do something  about the railroad crossings in Beaufort County? They are tearing up your cars and knocking the teeth out of your mouth.

I see the Turnage Theater got its $22,000, plus its $8,000 tax break. So, I am going to take my police department number off my refrigerator and put the Turnage’s number up there. Maybe one of their high-priced employees can come help me if I need help.

Why can’t we get MLB in Washington?

I would like to see the police enforce these no-parking zones, especially fire lanes in front of grocery stores and such.

I read with interest the two letters written by Warren Smith and John Swinson concerning the situation in this county. They have done their research, and their letters are truthful.

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