WDN offers Web marketing options

Published 1:19 am Tuesday, July 12, 2011

The Washington Daily News has redesigned its website, www.wdnweb.com, and is now offering limited advertising opportunities in prime positions.

Frank Dorf

The WDN has contracted with The Blinder Group, the leading consulting group for newspaper Web sales. Frank Dorf, internet consultant, is working with Daily News advertising representatives this week making presentations to local businesses.

Dorf joined The Blinder Group in 2001 and has logged over 1 million miles while teaching businesses around the country how to tailor an interactive advertising message to get results.

“The internet reaches 77 percent of residents in the United States,” Dorf said. “We give people opportunities to reach out to that market using ad programs that are based on good principles of advertising. We’re combining broad reach advertising on the Daily News website with the direct response element by optimizing their presence on Google.”

“Our website generates 300,000 page views per month and we can guarantee exposure to businesses in highly visible locations on the site,” WDN Publisher Ray McKeithan said. “Inventory is limited and we want to encourage those who do not already have an appointment to call us and reserve a time. Frank will only be here this week.”

To schedule an appointment, call the advertising department for available times at 252-940-4233.