Still active after 90

Published 12:54 am Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Traveling outside of Washington, it’s easy to miss the Adamsville community.

But after a right on VOA Road and a quick jaunt down Cherry Run, you will find the house of James Arthur Cobb, a longtime resident of that community.

The quiet road going alongside the man’s house shouldn’t disguise the fact that he has been active his whole life.

90-year-old James Cobb keeps up with the kids (from left) Traylen, Tylan Green, Jamari Warren and Jaaren Warren. (WDN Photo/Jurgen Boerema)

“I carry my own weight around here,” Cobb said when asked how he likes to spend his time. “I do anything to help anybody I can. I mow my own lawn. I wash my own clothes.”

Relatives recounted the joyous and well-attended 90th birthday party held for Cobb at the Washington Civic Center July 3. A crowd of 275 people sang songs and ate together. Pastors from Grifton and Virginia attended the event. Family members from locations such as Raleigh and New Jersey came down to celebrate.

“We had planned to have 150 people, but a lot more came,” said Cobb’s daughter Cleo Porter. “The most interesting part was when everyone gathered in the hall to welcome him in for his birthday. He knew something was going on, but he didn’t realize so many people were going to show up.”

One relative, who is currently serving a military tour of duty in Iraq, also called Cobb for the big day.

Cobb himself has spent time in the military. He was stationed in the Army in New Orleans during World War II. Three of his children were born there.

After World War II, Cobb farmed and also worked at National Spinning Company in Washington until 1992.

Cobb enjoys baking homemade cakes and cans and preserves food. He also has a special cold remedy that he gives out when a family member is sick.

Seven of Cobb’s nine children are still living.