Do you have your tickets?

Published 12:15 am Saturday, August 6, 2011

When it comes to causes, we can’t think of one much more worthy of our time, dollars and attention than Eagle’s Wings.

This Washington food pantry helps feed hungry families and individuals.

The service is as essential now as at any time in recent memory.

On Aug. 13, Eagle’s Wings will host a lively fundraiser that promises to aid the goal of putting food on the table for hundreds of needy people.

The fourth-annual Dancing With OUR Stars assembles talented local dancers – amateur and professionally trained – in a display of sheer energy in motion.

Beyond the entertainment is the good work of Eagle’s Wings.

That good work is the real story behind Dancing With OUR Stars.

At its core, DWOS, as we like to call it, isn’t about local celebrities and unknowns executing time steps or waltzes for their friends and families.

DWOS is about serving residents who need our help in these difficult times.

Dancing With OUR Stars is a big deal around here, but the bigger deal is the task carried out by Eagle’s Wings staff, volunteers and board members. Through their deeds, these hard-working exponents of Christian love speak of the power behind their nonprofit.

So, if you can afford it, make a donation to Eagle’s Wings or purchase a ticket to DWOS.

The songs will amuse you, the hoofing will delight you and the cause will warm your heart.