Making a difference

Published 12:57 am Wednesday, August 10, 2011

In honoring Evelyne Roberson for her service on the Washington-Beaufort County Human Relations Council, including six years as its chairwoman, the City of Washington recognizes the positive influence she had on the city.

That well-deserved recognition came publicly during the City Council’s meeting Monday evening. During her tenure as chairwoman, Roberson’s actions made it clear she was committed to improving her community by improving how its residents interact with one another.

Simply put, Roberson cares about people, individually and collectively. Because of that caring attitude, Washington is a better place.

“I can say, having been brought in for several (HRC) projects, that this is probably the most active and prolific and progressive era of the Human Relations Council,” said Mayor Archie Jennings about Roberson’s tenure as HRC chairwoman.

The plaque presented to Roberson reads: “In appreciation of tireless service and outstanding leadership as chair of Washington-Beaufort County Human Relations Council.”

In her remarks, Roberson said that although she is stepping aside as the HRC chair, she intends to see that HRC’s inaugural Multi-Cultural Festival in October is a successful event. Roberson said the planning for that event “started on my watch.” Roberson said she intends to “see it to completion.”

That’s the kind of attitude that made her effective as HRC chairwoman.

Roberson may be stepping down from the HRC, but she’ll find other ways to continue to improve her community.