SOUND OFF / Aug. 10, 2011

Published 12:56 am Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Sound Off highlights anonymous, brief takes on the news offered via telephone by Daily News readers.

The Buck Jones dump site at the Cotton Patch community reflects either a lazy truck driver or poor county supervisor skills as the cardboard Dumpsters, the plastic and aluminum Dumpsters, all the trash Dumpsters are full and overflowing. This seems to be the norm. That site is pitiful.

Using hidden cameras to film people feeding hungry cats? Isn’t that a violation of our civil rights?

To the family who had Rainbow Bridge printed in the July 30 edition in memory or your precious Buffy: What a beautiful tribute. I am just so sorry for your loss and your pain. I have been there.

Since BHM Regional Library is cutting its library hours, will it soon become obsolete, along with reading programs for children?

We live on Clark’s Neck Road, and for about the past four weeks we don’t get a paper some of the time, or it is late or either we don’t get a paper or either we get two at one time. Can someone tell us why?

I see in the paper where we are going to Greenville to get branding for Washington. Why are we going to Greenville? Surely, there is someone in Washington who can do this.

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