Turnage dance team seeking DWOS support

Published 12:22 am Thursday, August 11, 2011

More than once, this space has been occupied by an appeal for support for our fledgling organization. This time, however, we have an opportunity to appeal for your support of a completely different organization: Eagle’s Wings.

Since the first year of Dancing With OUR Stars, the Turnage has been separate from this exciting community event, the problem having been not a conflict of interest, but a lack of space. Our venue simply could not accommodate all of the people who wanted to witness this exciting show. But now, three years later, we are back in on the action again. This time, we’re contestants.

Well, not me, actually. I mean, I am a heck of a dancer, don’t get me wrong, as long as it’s very dark and I have a great deal of personal space. Oh, and no one can be watching me, either. So, rather than force Janet Cox to choreograph the girl with two left feet, the Turnage Theaters Foundation’s board decided instead to go with a crack team of Turnage volunteers, all of whom happen to be exceptional dancers. They’ve been diligently prancing, twirling and tapping in preparation for our first time out as “stars.”

While we want to win (anyone who says differently is lying to you), we actually didn’t get into this for the glory (not completely, anyway). Turnage board member Deborah Page Wright is leading the charge to give back to this wonderful community. We are very proud to be supporting Eagle’s Wings and its important battle against the ravages of poverty.

So, this year the Turnage will be Dancing With OUR Stars and raising money to support the great work Eagle’s Wings is doing. We hope that all of our supporters will donate generously to the Turnage team, so that it cannot only demonstrate its community support, but also so that it can win. (Unless Kiki Hampton is dancing again this year; in which case, the team never really had a chance.) Not that winning is really the important thing, of course.

Remember, you vote with your donation dollars, so even if you can’t attend you can still “vote” and support a great cause. Of course, if you would like to attend, we recommend you do that, too, since the price of your ticket is still a contribution to the cause (it just won’t help us win, is all). There are some general-admission tickets available at the Turnage Theater box office for the afternoon and evening performances of Dancing With OUR Stars this Saturday. Come make a donation and purchase your tickets with cash or check today!

Katherine Buchholz is the box-office manager for the Turnage Theater.