Seahawks, Panthers work out the kinks

Published 7:51 pm Friday, August 12, 2011

CHOCOWINITY — Southside will begin its season in exactly one week, which made the Seahawks’ scrimmage with Northside and North Pitt vital as all three teams are preparing for when the lights come on for real next Friday.
The Seahawks showed promised as they ripped off a few big runs and completed some long passes, but as the scrimmage went on it became clear to coach DeWayne Kellum that his team is still not in game shape.
“We’re out of shape, with the heat and the way we have to take pads off all the time we still need to get in shape,” Kellum said. “We have done a few good things but two or three of our running backs have been run down from behind. They’re faster than that but they’re tired right now.”
Last year at this time Kellum was entered his second stint with the Southside and was trying to play catch up with his players. On Friday, the Seahawks looked sharp as they executed out of wing-T and spread formations.
“It’s the same thing we ran in 2004,” Kellum said. “It’s just we didn’t have time to install (the spread packages) last year because these kids were learning a whole new offense. If we can catch the ball and get our timing down we’ll be alright.”
Kellum said the video from Friday’s scrimmage will go a long way to help finalize the depth chart. However, the coach said all spots are always up for grabs.
“Everyone of them is open,” Kellum said. “The minute you don’t come to practice or you don’t perform you loose your job. The best man gets the job and it changes week to week.”
Northside coach Keith Boyd is also trying to complete his roster and said he liked the way his team overcome a slow start to finish strong on Friday.
“We started off like we had never scrimmaged because we’re young and that’s how I thought it would be,” Boyd said. “But I thought after a while we settled in there and had a few sustained drives. We’re not looking for explosions, we’re looking for 3 to 5 yards per carry.”
Boyd’s team changed from a spread offense to a wing-T attack late last season and this year the Panthers are continuing with an under center offense. During the scrimmage Northside ran well and executed its option attack with sophomore quarterback Antonio Woods with some success.
“It looked okay but we just got to get the ball into somebody’s hands who can turn the corner,” Boyd said. “We just don’t have a whole lot of team speed. Right now we’re still searching for that guy that can be explosive.”
Running back Justin Marshlander may not be the fastest guy on the field, but the back ran hard and tough to impress on Friday.
“Justin Marshlander is in his first year at running back. We were trying to find someone who we knew could be tough for us and he really did a good job.”