Where is our leadership?

Published 1:04 am Sunday, August 14, 2011

In the 235 years since the founding of our country, we have encountered numerous challenges that called for great leaders to step forward.
When American colonists chose to free themselves of King George’s tyrannical rule in the 1700’s, George Washington led the Continental Army to victory over the British and was chosen as the first president of the United States.
When slavery threatened to tear the country apart in the 1800’s, Abraham Lincoln mustered the courage to plunge the nation into a Civil War in order to preserve the Union.
As the nation suffered through the Great Depression in the 1930’s, Franklin Roosevelt delivered a New Deal which put America back to work. The only president elected to four consecutive terms, Roosevelt led the nation through much of World War II before dying in office four months before victory was achieved.
Facing the threat of Soviet nuclear missiles in Cuba during the Cold War, John F. Kennedy’s leadership produced a peaceful resolution in October of 1962.
Ronald Reagan entered the Oval Office in January of 1981 and was viewed as the catalyst for ending the Iranian hostage crisis after 444 days.
Once again we find ourselves at the crossroads of adversity in our country, and TRUE leadership is nowhere to be found. Elected officials of both parties – sent to Washington to preserve, protect and defend the Constitution – are more concerned about constituency than country.
The time has come for party pandering to end and true bipartisan leadership to emerge. The future of this nation depends on it.