Write Again … An only in America story

Published 12:35 am Tuesday, August 30, 2011

OK. I admit it. She’s become an object of ridicule in some quarters.

Yet, one can’t deny that she does, indeed, grab attention. Yours and mine. So. Show her a little love.

Of course, I’m talking about Sarah Palin. The lovely lady from Alaska. Sound Bite Sarah (“Don’t retreat. Reload”). Tell it. Make their day, girl.

Now, let’s dispense with the political correctness. OK? That said, I’ll say it. She’s a good looking honey. A real snow-bunny hottie. (An oxymoron?)

Her political possibilities have quite probably diminished considerably. Minnesota Michelle (“I was born in Iowa”) has seemingly usurped her place as the First Female of Flaming Rhetoric. (Michelle has bigger hair.)

Does our Sarah go gently into that dark night? No way.

The pulchritudinous Ms. Palin got herself a fancy bus, had it spiffily painted all over with patriotic messages and hit the road.

Her purpose? Not the point. Why, somebody’s got to do it. Don’t demean the moose hunter. She has made a lot of money — a lot of money — since her run as a VP candidate.

In order to free herself up to really harvest the benefits of her celebrity, she quit her day job. Before you castigate her for stepping down as governor of our 49th state, recall her resignation announcement. She told us that she was not quitting. Rather that to stay on was quitting. To quit was not quitting. Come on, give her a break. How could she make it any clearer?

This is the good old US of A, folks. Carpe diem. Strike while the iron is hot. Ride the incoming tide of free enterprise. Long live P.T. Barnum.

You go, girl. Do I respect your right to cash in on your admirers and even the media’s continuing fascination with you?

You betcha! (Wink.)