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Published 12:46 am Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Although the media coverage of Hurricane Irene continues in eastern North Carolina, several media outlets are doing more than telling the stories associated with the devastating hurricane.

This morning, those media outlets — WITN, WTIB 103.7, WNBU 94.1, Star 94.3 and Thunder Country 96.3 — began a campaign to raise money and take in other donations to help Hurricane Irene victims. It’s their way of letting the victims know that reporters, anchors, producers, directors, editors and others feel the victims’ pain. And if those media types were not personally affected by Hurricane Irene, they know someone who is suffering from Hurricane Irene’s assault on eastern North Carolina.

When we learned that Henry Hinton, the head of Inner Banks Media, was a part of the fundraising effort, it came as no surprise. Hinton’s heart is in eastern North Carolina. When its people hurt, Hinton hurts.

It also comes as no surprise that Chris Mossman, general manager and vice president of WITN, has a hand in this fundraising effort. WITN has long had a close connection with the folks of eastern North Carolina.

Media professionals are taught not to become involved in the news events they cover, and rightly so.

Sometimes, journalists should put down the pen and notepad or microphone or camera so they can take on the role of a caring person and extend a helping hand to victims.

We put aside our pen and pad to applaud the media outlets behind this fundraising campaign.