Good Lovelies are, well, lovely performers

Published 12:08 am Thursday, September 29, 2011

As much as I love fall – and I do – I could maybe do without the rain for a bit. If it is going to rain, then it should at least be cool, so that I can wear all of my nice, warm rain gear, but no. Instead, it’s hot and steamy and dreary and wet. Weather like this makes me want to stay inside.

What we need right now is a pick-me-up. We need some sunshine and blue skies and fun. That’s where the Good Lovelies comes in. This folk trio out of Canada is touring all along the East Coast this fall, and we’re lucky enough to be their first stop in North Carolina this Friday night.

What makes the Good Lovelies special? I’m glad you asked. For one thing, their voices are sweet and compelling, with harmonies that are spot on. Also, each performer plays a bevy of instruments and constantly swap one instrument for another as the show progresses. Then, of course, there is the music itself. Their song choices are lighthearted and up-tempo to the point where you can feel the grass under your feet and the sun shining above you. Oh, and wouldn’t I be remiss if I failed to mention the fact that these women are not only lovely to look at but full of a sparkling stage presence that you will not be able to resist?

You can always wait to see the Good Lovelies in Raleigh in October, after you’ve heard all about how wonderful they are from the friends who took the chance here, but doing so means paying more than $30 a ticket! Or, you can call today (252-975-1191) to reserve your seat to see them right here in your area for only $25, or $20 if you want to sit in the balcony sides.

Tomorrow night you can expect cooler temperatures and cloudy skies outside. Join us for the Good Lovelies, however, and you can see the sun shine down again!

Don’t take my word for it. Visit our website,, and hear them for yourself. I look forward to seeing your smiling face this Friday night at 8 p.m. here at the Turnage Theater!

Katherine Buchholz is the box-office manager for the Turnage Theater.