‘Grease’ sliding into Turnage

Published 1:51 am Sunday, October 2, 2011

Slick back those ducktails and put a little more height on those beehives.
It’s almost time for a “Grease” sing-a-long to raise money for the Turnage Theater and the Beaufort County Arts Council.
This musical ride into the fictional 1950s runs at 8 p.m. Saturday at the Turnage, located at 150 W. Main St., Washington.
Admission is free, but organizers Scott Campbell and Laura Scoble ask attendees to consider making donations as the spirit moves them.
“We’re going to ask you to give ’til it helps,” Campbell said.
All proceeds go directly to the two receiving nonprofits in a 50-50 split, he confirmed.
Scoble and Campbell invite viewers to show up in “Grease”-inspired costumes — everything from leather jackets to poodle skirts and other ’50s finery.
The two hosts will lead the sing-a-long from the Turnage stage as the lyrics scroll across the bottom of the screen.
This will be the third such event staged by the dancing duo at the Turnage. The first two movie-musicals they showed there were “The Sound of Music” and “The Wizard of Oz.”
“We had people ask us for ‘Grease,’” Campbell said.
Scoble and Campbell paid for the licensing rights to show the audience-participation-friendly DVD.
“It gives us a chance to be big hams, which we are, and do our thing and have some fun,” Campbell said. “And it’s a great fundraiser for the Turnage. Anybody can go. It’s not a highbrow event, it’s just a fun event.”
Joey Toler expects to be there, and hopes other patrons of the arts will follow suit.
“I think it’s wonderful that we have people in our community that are motivated to support the arts in the way that they do,” commented Toler, executive director of the arts council. “They do it because they love it, they do it because they see the need and it just benefits all of us, even the people that will not attend.”
Toler may come in costume, but he’s not giving any clues.
“I have a leather jacket, so we’ll see,” he said.
Scotty Henley, executive director of the Turnage Theaters Foundation, echoed Toler’s praise for the event and the people behind it.
“All I could add is that I truly appreciate the efforts that Scott, Joey and Laura Scoble do to try to bring this type of entertainment to the theater,” Henley said. “They’re trying to help the Turnage, trying to help the arts, trying to help Washington as a whole.”
For more information, visit www.turnagetheater.com.