Greiwe finds volunteerism a ‘pleasure’

Published 12:49 am Tuesday, October 4, 2011

As a volunteer, Bill Greiwe has been steadily helping for more than 11 years. He and his wife moved to the area in 1998, and he’s been involved ever since.

Starting out, Greiwe volunteered at Beaufort County Hospital, under the supervision of June Nance. Soon afterward, he became president of the hospital’s volunteer organization. The hospital is now known as University Health Systems — Beaufort Hospital.

Bill Greiwe

Greiwe takes care of the day-to-day chores that would otherwise be left to nurses and staff. He discharges patients, takes specimens to the laboratory, collects forms used daily by the nurses and picks up meals for patients. The list goes on for Greiwe.

“Volunteering isn’t work,” Greiwe wrote, “it’s a pleasure.”

Understandably, he is a key ingredient to helping his community become a better place. Greiwe not only places value in his volunteer efforts, but he also finds rewards and inspiration in it as well.

“The hospital belongs to the community,” said Greiwe. “By volunteering, I pay back in a small way the great benefit provided me by the wonderful people of this community.”

Greiwe is a valuable part of the volunteer fabric that’s a part of Beaufort County, a part that helps meet the hospital’s many needs. Before he was a volunteer, Greiwe was a captain in the Navy, serving as a Naval aviator and commanding officer of two ships, the USS El Paso and the USS Inchon, during his tour of duty. He logged more than 200 combat missions in the A4 Skyhawk.

His hospital duties had Greiwe helping with 38 cataract operations in one day, earning him hero status at the hospital.

When the nurses have a busy day, Greiwe has a busy day, too. He acknowledged that the most rewarding thing about a day at the hospital is knowing he helped others accomplish something beneficial to others.

Greiwe does relax at the end of a day at the hospital by going to the country club to play tennis or heading home and relaxing by his front window that provides an incredible view.