Another opening, another sing-along at the Turnage

Published 12:30 am Thursday, October 6, 2011

My friend, Laura Scoble, owner of Backwater Jack’s, and myself, a Realtor with Century 21 The Realty Group, are presenting the “Grease” sing-along at 8 p.m. Saturday at the Turnage Theater.

This presentation is a free-but-donations-accepted fundraiser for the Turnage and Beaufort County Arts Council. This showing of “Grease” is the third time Laura and I have presented sing-alongs as fundraisers for the Turnage and arts council. Previously, we showed “The Sound of Music” and “Wizard of Oz.”

You may ask, “Why do you do these presentations?” Well, one reason is we are big hams, and it is a fun way for us to dress up and have the spotlight on us. The other reason is far more important: the Turnage Theater and the Beaufort County Arts Council are institutions that we see as integral to the wonderful quality of life we all share here in Washington and Beaufort County. The economic realities of life are such that they need us — all of us — to help with donations of time and dollars to keep them open and operating.

The arts are a new economic engine that is emerging in our area, and with a little bit of effort, money and help from all of us, we can shape our own future. This reflects one of the greatest assets that our city and county has — ourselves! We are a small area populated with folks who love and cherish our quality of life, and who are not afraid to fight for, volunteer for and to donate time and dollars to keep it alive and vital for ourselves and future generations. Witness the dedicated volunteers of the Washington Harbor District Alliance who work hard to promote and support downtown projects, big and small. The local garden clubs that tackle the many streetscapes that help make Washington so charming to stroll around and The Pamlico-Tar River Foundation that strives to protect another one of our most important assets, the “Rivah,” to name just a few of the great volunteer-based organizations in the city and county.

So, Laura and I are doing our small part to support, protect and enhance the arts that contribute greatly to the local economy and quality of life we all share in eastern North Carolina. It’s an easy and fun way we can all show our support: we are going to dress up, dance, sing and laugh, and through this experience, we’ll all do what we here in Washington and Beaufort County do best — fight for, volunteer and donate time and dollars to the things we cherish and hold dear, not the least of which is ourselves.

Join us at the Turnage Theater on Saturday and remember to “donate till it helps.”

Scott Campbell is a local real-estate agent, downtown resident and supporter of the Turnage Theater.