SOUND OFF / Oct. 6, 2011

Published 12:35 am Thursday, October 6, 2011

Sound Off highlights anonymous, brief takes on the news offered via telephone by Daily News readers.

The fact that your editorials are unsigned, so we do not know the author of the editorial, yet you require all letters to the editor to be signed, is hypocritical at the least. Please correct this, Washington Daily News.
Editor’s note: We have an editorial board. An editorial is the opinion of the newspaper, not an individual, unless expressed as such. No other newspaper of which we’re aware, including the Daily Reflector and the News & Observer, signs editorials, for reasons stated previously. In the past, we did so at the insistence of Ashley Futrell because he wanted people to know when editorials weren’t written by him. That was a unique situation, well earned by his decades-long history of solely writing the newspaper’s editorials. Sadly, we can’t continue to do so. He is still greatly missed.

Take your dogs to the dog park. That is what the city wasted money for. Go to the dog park, not the waterfront.

The sulfur plant for Beaufort County sounds good.

I think the city needs to put one person on the waterfront to patrol the waterfront, with that person having the authority to write tickets and arrest somebody, if need be.

What happened to the Washington Daily News? It is all meaningless or trivial news. What happened to the real newspaper?

In regards to the new boat ramp on Blounts Creek: Someone needs to put a gate up there before it gets completely filled up with debris that is not from Hurricane Irene.

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