Full houses prevail at Paddle Bath Poker Run

Published 12:22 am Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Participants in the Paddle Bath Poker Run prepare to enter Bath Creek. The winning team collected cards from various locations, finishing with a full house — three kings and two aces. (WDN Photo/Julia Hurley)

BATH — With a touch of wind under blue skies, the second-annual Paddle Bath Poker Run got under way Saturday on Bath Creek.

This year, the winning team included the youngest contestant. Aaron Watson and his 5-year-old son won $100 with a full house — three kings and two aces.

In second place, Tracy Bowen had a full house with three jacks and two kings. Bowen was the last contestant who registered.

Sandra Holt came in third with another full house of three jacks and two eights.

Kayaks of every color sprinkled the water throughout the afternoon as more than 70 people participated in the event, exceeding last year’s total.

Participants registered at the Bath Visitors Center, then travelled on foot to collect their first cards from the Country Kitchen and Bath General Store.

Since the competition was not a race, participants were not rushed moving from place to place. As soon as the final instructions were given, the first kayakers were off.

A major rule repeated throughout the event was the mandatory use of life jackets. If a participant removed his or her life jacket, he or she was disqualified. Captains Joe Sizemore and Jeff Haddock provided other safety and security measures. Both were out on the water to help or aid any participant in need. Sizemore was also the first stop for the kayakers.

The Paddle Bath Poker Run was designed to draw attention to Bath businesses. Sponsors included Inner Banks Outfitters, Walk in the Light — Ormond Amphitheater, Lowtide Reality, Quarterdeck of Bath, Washington-Beaufort County Chamber of Commerce, Blackbeard’s Slices and Ices, Captain Joe Sizemore, Bayview Golf Club, Old Town Country Kitchen, Bath General Store and Market and Bath High School Preservation.

For each sponsor listed, there was a person related to the business at the event. With 12 volunteers running the event, eight stops for the contestants, a few extra tables that had a 50/50 raffle and St. Thomas’ Cook Book, Bath was well represented.