SOUND OFF / Oct. 13, 2011

Published 12:46 am Thursday, October 13, 2011

Sound Off highlights anonymous, brief takes on the news offered via telephone by Daily News readers.

There are too many construction projects going on concerning bridges and railroad crossings in the Belhaven/Pantego area. I am spending $40 a week to drive 15 miles one way to work because I have to follow so many detours. Could we get a break, please?

I think Beaufort County would welcome any business that would put people to work. If you can’t buy food, you would work anywhere.

Aurora is not the only Beaufort County town that needs help. Belhaven has not had trash or debris picked up in four weeks.

I have called several departments. Where can we recycle or dispose of televisions and computers?
Editor’s note: Counties are responsible for the disposal of certain electronic equipment such as computers and televisions, but cities and towns may opt to provide that service. Cities and towns are not required to provide disposal sites. Beaufort County has yet to submit its disposal plan to the state for approval, according to a state website devoted to the disposal and recycling of electronic equipment no longer allowed to be disposed of in landfills. Washington chose not to provide a disposal site. Pitt County has several disposal sites. For locations and hours of operation, call 252-902-3353. Hyde County has four such sites — Engelhard, Ocracoke, Swan Quarter and Ponzer. For exact locations and hours of operation, call 252-926-4196.

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