Debris pickup announced

Published 12:31 am Saturday, October 15, 2011

Beaufort County announces that the pickup and removal of all construction and demolition debris has begun within Beaufort County.

C&D debris left over from Hurricane Irene will be picked up off of any state-maintained right-of-way within Beaufort County.

If preparations have not already been made, residents should start the process of moving this debris out to the roadways in front of their homes.

The staff at the N.C. Department of Transportation requests that residents take great care in ensuring that all debris is stacked within the right-of-way but well off the road so as not to impede traffic or create unsafe driving conditions.

Approved C&D debris consists of flood-damaged furniture, drywall, curtains, mattresses, shingles, studs, insulation and other debris resulting from structural damages as a result of Irene.

Federal Emergency Management Agency guidelines prohibit the Beaufort County contractor from picking up or removing debris that was deposited by a contractor paid by a private resident.

FEMA states that homeowners’ insurance policies will cover the removal of a demolished home and this coverage prohibits Beaufort County from removal of this debris. FEMA rules state that if a resident hires a contractor to demolish his or her residential or commercial structure and load it into a container for shipment, that contractor then becomes liable for removal of the debris to an approved and licensed landfill.

Beaufort County will not be reimbursed by the federal government for any debris that is a result of demolition from a licensed contractor.

Crews were scheduled to start the debris pickup in the Richland township area late this week and by early next week crews will be in the Pamlico Beach area.

Due to the extent of the debris the county urged residents to be patient as crews work to complete this removal.

Beaufort County has received, and is investigating complaints, of debris dumping that is not a result of damage from Hurricane Irene.

Each case of dumping trash or debris not related to the storm event is a crime and will be investigated.

The county urged all residents with questions or complaints to call Beaufort County Emergency Management at 252-946-2046.