SOUND OFF / Oct. 23, 2011

Published 1:59 am Sunday, October 23, 2011

Sound Off highlights anonymous, brief takes on the news offered via telephone by Daily News readers.

Listen up, people of Beaufort County. Did you know there is no law in Beaufort County to prohibit hunters with high-powered rifles to shoot within feet of your property, endangering lives of anyone that may be outside?

Good question about Plan D, but the intent was what are the penalties for not signing up when they told you to?

The Daily News, affectionately known as The Mullet Wrapper, has become a joke. I think there were five pages total in today’s paper. You couldn’t even wrap a goldfish in what you sent to my house today.

When are the limbs from the hurricane going to be picked up in Rosedale?

What a nice way to begin Friday morning by reading a pleasant letter to the editor. Thank you for reminding others that the animals of pet owners are at our mercy for their healthy survival. Again, do not accept a pet if you can’t afford an occasional vet bill. Thank you, LaDonna, for reminding us of the love we get in return.

Thank you for the lovely letter about the abandoned husky. It touched my heart as a pet owner and maybe it will touch the hearts of many irresponsible pet owners in the area.

I agree with the representative from Mecklenburg County. Drug test the welfare recipients and state workers.

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