Brooks: A history of service

Published 1:08 am Sunday, October 30, 2011

When reading Richard Brooks’ bio, one thing is immediately clear: he has a long history of service to the community. With nine years on the city council under his belt, Brooks looks forward to getting back on the council and using the office to help others.

“I’m a person who wants to help people,” said Brooks, “not a person who wants political status.”

Brooks is dedicated to the city in which he has resided his entire life and from his prior terms as councilman, knows that being a team player is key to solving the bigger issues facing the city.

The current cost of utilities rates is one of those issues. Brooks believes honesty and openness and the council all working together will clarify the issue and “get it under control.”

The lack of available jobs is another concern for Brooks and he is committed to helping those who are trying to bring jobs to Washington.

From past experience, Brooks feels that the ability to listen, along with transparency and being straightforward, are of primary importance when serving on the council.

“I give a listening ear to everyone, whether they have a complaint to me or a complaint about me,” said Brooks.  “I find out what people need to know and get back to them.”

During his tenure as councilman, Brooks served on the committee charged with developing Beebe Park and is proud of the positive impact it has had on the community.

“If you can’t help people in your lifetime,” said Brooks, “Then you haven’t done anything.”