Davis: Bright future on the horizon

Published 1:07 am Sunday, October 30, 2011

Gil Davis can picture a bright future for the city of Washington, and he wants to return to the city council to see it through.

“I think that I want to see Washington improve and become a place our citizens can be proud of living in and prepare us for the future,” Davis said.

In order to make that happen, Davis, 66, feels two issues need to be addressed: utility costs and the recession.

“We’ve been working on the utility costs,” Davis said. “We have reduced the cost to citizens by 5 percent in the last budget and reduced the amount of money taken from the electric fund and put into the general fund. I plan to continue to do that.”

As for the recession, Davis admits it is an uphill task but worth the effort.

“We are trying to bring more jobs to Beaufort County and to develop the tourism industry which is a very big engine pushing the economy.”

With a 37-year history in parks and recreation, Davis, who is retired and completing his second term on the city council, is an advocate for the protection of the Washington waterfront.

“I have pushed really hard for conservation of our waterfront and for the development of a successful park and other things that beautify and enhance our community and help the downtown businesses and bring more business downtown,” Davis said.

Davis also encourages voters to take advantage of early voting, which concludes Saturday, Nov. 5.