Write Again … Return to sender

Published 12:50 am Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Truth to tell, I’m not very good with technology. I wouldn’t say I have technophobia, but I am techno-challenged.

The irony here, perhaps, is that I recognize the significance, the genuine importance and almost incalculable impact that technology – especially computers – has had on us all.

The internet – that which in its early days was called the information superhighway – has had a profound impact on our way of life. You know and understand this far better than I, in all probability.

Yet, there is much about this email business I don’t like. Why some people evidently feel the need to forward so much “information” to one another baffles me.

Especially – most especially – do I resent the political “stuff” some seem compelled to FW to others.

I don’t want it. It’s almost entirely one-sided, with the intent being to ridicule, revile, denigrate, derogate, and in general (sometimes specifically) cast aspersions upon anything not in lockstep conformance and agreement with the sender’s personal political predilection.

No problem, you say. Just delete it. I do. I’d prefer, however, that it simply not be sent to me. That I never send or forward anything that reflects how I might feel or view matters seems not to occur to those who seem to relish filling up cyber space with unsolicited, often mean-spirited claptrap.

Alas, I have little hope that such “information” flow will diminish. It is what it is (to use a hackneyed phrase).

The dominant techno-trend now is what I call “thumb talking.” You know, texting. Head down, thumbs in motion, exchanging “valuable” information. Maybe it beats having to actually talk to and with another human being.

I think, however, that I know why some folks do this so habitually. The reason is simple: because they can.

So it goes …