ECB offers security option

Published 12:31 am Wednesday, November 9, 2011

East Carolina Bank is stepping up its protection for customers against escalating threats from cyber thieves targeting ACH, wire transfers and online banking.

East Carolina Bank will offer its customers IronKey Trusted Access, the secure browsing solution that prevents identity theft, payments fraud and online banking account takeover.

The bank plans to offer retail customers Trusted Access as a downloadable software application in the future. Offering Trusted Access is part of East Carolina Bank’s strategy to compete for customer business with highly differentiated banking products that offer substantive value. Trusted Access also allows the bank to meet and exceed new Federal Financial Institutions Examinations Council guidance to reduce the risk of online banking fraud.

“Our customers’ security is one of the highest priorities at our bank. Businesses, local governments, and consumers across the country are unknowingly being targeted on their computers by criminal gangs. As a foundational part of our local North Carolina commitment, East Carolina Bank is pleased to partner with IronKey to keep our customers and their assets safe,” said James J. Burson, executive vice president and chief revenue officer. “IronKey Trusted Access brings the security and safety our customers feel when visiting our bank locations to their online banking. This is just one more way that East Carolina Bank is innovating to leapfrog our competition. Trusted Access is part of our bank’s strategy to grow our customer base.”

With Trusted Access, customers know they are accessing an authentic site and that their transactions are not being monitored or tampered with by criminals. East Carolina Bank is first offering this new service to its business customers, building on the bank’s commitment to personalized service and high levels of security.

“East Carolina Bank is bringing the highest level of online banking security to its customers in North Carolina by offering IronKey Trusted Access,” said Arthur Wong, CEO of IronKey. “The bank’s customers can now feel confident when they go online to conduct business that their transactions and assets are safe. This puts East Carolina Bank well ahead of their competition.”

For more information about East Carolina Bank and its Trusted Access offering, visit or call 1-800-849-2265.