Providing direction

Published 12:52 am Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Today, the Beaufort County Board of Elections will canvass the ballots from last week’s City Council elections, which could result in changes in last week’s unofficial vote counts.

No matter who ends up on the council, voters owe a debt of gratitude to each candidate who sought a seat on the council. By running for office, the candidates showed they were willing to do something regarding city government rather than just talk about doing something. They were willing to work to help solve challenges facing the city. Many people who complain about government do little else about government other than complain.

To the aforementioned candidates and Rick Gagliano and Lloyd May, who also sought seats on the council, we offer our gratitude for wanting to make a positive difference in Washington.

When the new council takes office next month, its five members must work together to move Washington in the right direction. Listen to the city’s residents to find out in which direction they want the city to move.