Irene debris removal ending

Published 12:31 am Thursday, November 17, 2011

Beaufort County is announcing that the pick up and removal of construction and demolition debris throughout the county will be winding down. Residents who still have this debris related to Hurricane Irene should make plans to have it set out in front of their homes on a state-maintained right of way by Sunday.

“Beaufort County’s contractor has made an initial pass throughout the county and removed a majority of the debris related to the storm that was along the state roadways. We understand that there are still residents struggling to move their debris to the side of the road, and we want to make every effort in ensuring that these individuals are provided an opportunity in this second pass that we are currently making,” stated Jim Chrisman, Beaufort County’s assistant county manager.

Residents who have construction and demolition debris to dispose of after the Nov. 20 deadline may personally take this debris to the transfer station at Flanders Filters Road in Washington. State and local officials will monitor debris disposal after the deadline and individuals who are caught dumping debris on the roadways after that date will be fined.

As was previously announced, the Federal Emergency Management Agency will not permit homeowners to demolish their home and dump or push the debris to the side of the road. In order for FEMA to pay for the removal of demolished homes, the homeowner is required to complete an application process to determine eligibility.  Homeowners who demolish their homes without written permission from FEMA will be responsible for the removal of their debris to a licensed landfill.

Those who are interested in determining if they are eligible to have their home demolition debris removed may call the Beaufort County emergency management office at 252-946-2046 or visit the Beaufort County debris website at