Jones is a ‘faithful’ volunteer

Published 12:27 am Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Nita Jones (right) talks with Ann Baker at Eagle’s Wings. A church friend inspired Jones to volunteer her time at the Beaufort County food pantry. (Contributed Photo)

Eagle’s Wings is an essential part of the well being of Beaufort County and its residents.

Its motto is “Christian love in action.” It has been trying to provide during these tough times. With high population rates and equally high unemployment, Eagle’s Wings has been one of the most-effective social-service programs in the Washington area.

Nita Jones has been helping uphold that value. Sally Love, executive director of Eagle’s Wings, explained, “She’s been so faithful as a volunteer.”

Jones became involved as a volunteer through a church friend, Beverly Adams. When specifically asked why she volunteered, Jones said, “Everyone needs to do something for someone else.”

Considering that Eagle’s Wings gives food to families once a month, Jones is definitely living that lifestyle.

When asked what her most-rewarding experience as a volunteer was, Jones responded, “When families come in that are down and out, in desperate need of help, and seeing them get the help they need.”

These experiences are an everyday occurrence in the Eagle’s Wings program.

Since homelessness and hunger are some of America’s most easily prevented problems, volunteers are important because of the help they provide.

“Volunteers gain as much as the people they help do,” Jones said when asked how others can help. “It’s always a positive and upbeat experience.”

Jones works at the front desk at Eagle’s Wings, and she is key to helping the program function smoothly and correctly

Jones does not limit herself to helping at Eagle’s Wings. She is a Bible-school teacher at her church.

“I love teaching,” Jones said.