Brokers certified in short sales

Published 12:21 am Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Ten brokers from The Rich Company recently completed courses to become Certified Short Sale Sellers (CSSS). Brokers Nan McLendon, Tomp Litchfield, Jane Stancill Adams, Thad Roberts, Tim Mordecai, Chris Respess, Rosie Lilley Smith, Jarma Koury, Patty Selby (not pictured) and Tom Atkins received certification sanctioned by the North Carolina Real Estate Commission.

The course gave instruction to the brokers on how best to advise sellers in the complicated aspects of short sales. Short sales occur when a seller negotiates with and is allowed by their lender to sell a property for less than is owed on the property.

“Short sales can be much less damaging to one’s credit than a foreclosure” said Tom Atkins, general
manager and broker-in-charge for The Rich Company. “When in need of selling in the current home market, it is important that a seller know all of the options available to them in order to make the best possible decision.”