WDN honors area spikers

Published 6:43 pm Thursday, December 1, 2011

Northside middle hitter Jordan Woolard (center) in action during a Panthers’ game earlier this year. Woolard was named to the WDN All-Area Volleyball team. (WDN Photo/Brian Haines)

Each volleyball season features something that makes it unique and this year the area’s abundance of premium hitters is what stood out the most. Each area team had at least one quality hitter up front, while most had two.
Riverside led the way with a bevy of talented spikers, but surprisingly it was smallest girl on the court who had the biggest impact as setter Peri Ange was named WDN Volleyball Player of the Year. Ange, the quarterback of the 23-1 Knights, had several targets to set assists for and they are well represented in this year’s WDN All-Area Volleyball team.
Riverside wasn’t the only team that featured quality players. There were several girls who put forth an amazing effort on a consistent basis this year and the WDN has taken a timeout to honor those that shined the brightest.

Madison Brandon, Riverside
Without question one of the most athletic girls to take the court in 2011, Riverside outside hitter Madison Brandon captivated crowds with her ability to soar through the air and hammer down spikes. Brandon led the Knights with 154 kills, while tallying 59 digs, 118 service points and six blocks.

Jordan Woolard, Northside
Fantastic on both sides of the net, Northside middle hitter Jordan Woolard was capable of taking over the game on both offense and defense. Woolard’s height and athleticism made her a great first option on offense, while her instincts and quick hands made her a nightmare for opposing hitters on defense.

Rachel Baker, Riverside
Perhaps the most versatile player on Riverside, middle hitter Rachel Baker was just as good on offense as she was on defense. Baker was fearless at the net where she led Riverside with a team-high 46 blocks, while on offense she recorded 105 kills. Baker also registered a team-high 187 service points while tallying 23 digs.

Corey Watford, Southside
She may not be as tall as some of the other top hitters in the area but Southside’s Corey Watford made up for it with tremendous leaping ability and the courage to combat anyone up front. Watford is equipped with solid speed and instincts, which helped the Seahawks make it to the playoffs once again.

Jesse Anne Rogers, Riverside
While she may not have the flash of teammate Madison Brandon or the reach of fellow Knight Rachel Baker, Jesse Anne Rogers’ stats are just as impressive. Rogers always seemed to be in the right place at the right time as she led the Riverside frontcourt with 76 digs, while also recording 168 service points and 87 kills.

Jordan Cooke, Northside
A great athlete and a good leader, Northside setter Jordan Cooke’s passion for the game was evident each and every night as she was able to track down balls the most girls wouldn’t even think about going after. Cooke also featured great court awareness and instincts and did a nice job setting up her teammates.

Rachel Hollowell, Northside
Megan Corey, Washington
Alexis Ange, Riverside
Paxton Copeland, Riverside
Taylor Johnson, South Creek

Caroline Slade
Alexandra Cutler
Danielle Oliver
Brittney Alligood

Valerie Ruffin
Sondra Sparks
Macy Paramore
Valerie Hodges
Katie Laughinghouse
Marlin Edwards
Kyajia Morning

Kaitlyn Sitterson
Victoria Van Nortwick
Deshanna Andrews

Hannah Copleland
Emily Griffin
Shaniro Caceres
Rhonda Manning
Alex Hardison

Justyce McKissick
Lacie Anglim
Morgan Bryant
Sydney Gurkin
Robin Lilley
Adriana Tyson
Haley Wright