SOUND OFF / Dec. 3, 2011

Published 12:57 am Saturday, December 3, 2011

Sound Off highlights anonymous, brief takes on the news offered via telephone by Daily News readers.


Windmills generate electricity that goes straight into the grid. The more electricity you put into the grid, the less fossil fuel power companies have to burn to keep up with the demand in the grid. It’s pretty simple. The more you put in, the more you are going to save.


It is amazing to me that those who oppose being known as “Little Washington” have that as a mindset. It must be that they are small-thinking themselves. Travel the state — go anywhere you want to go. We are known as “Little Washington.” It is a term of recognition, not one of being put down.


When I was growing up in Washington, we called it “Little Washington” because we thought there were only two good Washingtons in the United States. We were “Little Washington,” and Washington, D.C., was Washington City. We considered that there were only two Washingtons that were worthwhile. Back in the late ’30s and ’40s, we were very proud of Washington, D.C., not like today.


The county shouldn’t give money to the Turnage.


Why don’t they just name Washington as Crab City and be done with it?


Six thousand dollars to come up with “Little Washington?” How about “Historical Waterfront Washington?” That will be $6,000, please.


There are 25 cities in the U.S. named after George Washington. We are the original one. We do not need a study to tell us that we are an original. We have original homes and buildings here, and we need to market the fact that we are original and unique.


Why not go all the way? Call us “Little Washington, D.C.” We have earned the title by wasting millions in tax dollars on a now bankrupt company.


I was born and raised in Washington. I know we are the “Original Washington,” but around the state we are known as “Little Washington,” and, personally, I do not have a problem with it. Being called “Little Washington” is not negative.


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