CMS students attend cotillion

Published 12:53 am Tuesday, December 6, 2011

The eighth-grade North Carolina history classes at Chocowinity Middle School attended a cotillion Nov. 18 to learn about some of the historical figures from the Civil War.

Each student chose a famous person to research, including generals from each side, women, African-Americans and Latinos who participated in the Civil War. After completing their research, students introduced themselves to their classmates, sharing what they had learned. Each member of a class had a dance card to fill out, choosing several people with whom they would like to dance with as the presentations took place.  The dance card had to be completed with each dance partner’s name and two facts about them.

Eighth-grade social-studies teachers Joan Woodham and Timothy Ratliff, with the help of YouTube, demonstrated the waltz for the students. The cotillion ended with the students dancing the waltz with other famous historical figures of the Civil War.