Students honored

Published 12:09 am Tuesday, January 10, 2012

John Small Elementary School, Dr. Marty Poffenberger and Angus from Pamlico Animal Hospital honored December’s character-trait winners Dec. 19.

The winning students were chosen by their homeroom teachers for exhibiting kindness and gratitude in the classroom and around the school. Poffenberger shared with the students how working as a veterinarian requires kindness to animals and people. She talked with them about the levels of education needed to be a veterinarian. She introduced them to Angus, a mixed-breed in need of a home.

The honored students included Sarah Kelly, Ashlynn Woolard, Somer Scott, Kaitlyn Leo, Virginia Morrison, Makayla Moore,  Ashley Cutler, Xavier Peardon, Garry Harvey, Dayza Patrick, Trayante Wilkinson, Michael Reid, Braeton Davenport, Kimberly Mendoza, Jordanya Whitehead, Jamayca Whitaker, Tajhe Harvey, Landry Waters, Sidney Keech, Jeremiah Moore, Isidro Herandez, Bryson Brooks, Chase Ambrose, Grant Crisp, Gerardo Avila-Esparza, Chad Tetterton, Cody Tetterton, Dezmond Allen, Oscar Valenzuela and Dillon Anderson.