SOUND OFF / Jan. 13, 2012

Published 12:07 am Friday, January 13, 2012

Sound Off highlights anonymous, brief takes on the news offered via telephone by Daily News readers.

I think the crossover at Asbury Church Road and U.S. Highway 264 is pretty neat. You only have to pay attention in one direction at a time crossing U.S. 264, and you don’t have to check approaching traffic from 180 degrees at 60 miles per hour, maybe missing an automobile in poor lighting or a motorcycle. It’s doesn’t slow up U.S. 264 traffic at all like a traffic light would do. I believe this is safer.

To the owner of the lab-like brown dog at Swan Point on three legs: He’s been limping on three legs for more than a year. The other legs have become disfigured. The dog cannot walk. He needs to be put down or at least get medical attention. It’s unimaginable how somebody could let this go on this long. It’s got to be animal cruelty. This dog, I know, for more than a year has been hobbling on three legs, and it’s a sad, sad sight. Get the dog medical attention, or, at the most extreme, put the dog down. He’s got to belong to somebody at Swan Point. Somebody step up and do something, or I will.

Bartow, I’m very proud of you remembering all them good things. I remember them, too, buddy. 1957 was when we got a television set. Carolina went all the way. I remember all that.

About the boat ramp reconstruction near Washington Park: Where are the environmental nets and dams that should be around that project? Is that state exempt from following its own rules? You or I would have to have extensive environmental compliance, but it seems someone else does not have to do so.

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