SOUND OFF: 1/17/12

Published 12:16 am Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Sound Off highlights anonymous, brief takes on the news offered via telephone by Daily News readers.


The truth of the matter is that the county commissioners allowed the tax valuation in this last revaluation to be way overvalued, and now they’re trying to cover up for it. Everybody knows that there is a great disparity between the recorded value of real estate in the county and the actual value. But the county commissioners are the people that’s responsible and the people that let this happen. So next time around let’s get rid of the county commissioners and get somebody that works for the people and not for themselves.


Why are there still broken lights upon the promenade with wires hanging down? It’s been four months since the hurricane. We can do better than this.


Why can’t I view the board of commissioners’ meeting on channel 5 in the Washington area after 10 p.m.? There was a time I could before we went off daylight saving time.


This is to the person who called in about the three-legged dog on Swan Point Road. I was given a female lab from her litter, and she can do anything that any other dog can do plus have about 12 or 14 babies. So I don’t think there’s anything wrong with her and the lady and gentleman that own her have a bunch of different dogs in different sizes and they take care of them, so I wouldn’t worry about them.


I guess all the folks who live around Blount’s Creek need to go ahead and take them a bunch of pictures of the creek and the bay so they can remember how it used to be. This time next year, the bay’s going to be the color of chalk and the bank will be chalk. It’ll be nice and white. So y’all remember like it was because soon it’s going to change.


I’m happy about the new property and sales-tax propositions. I like the idea that everybody then would be paying taxes because everybody benefits from taxes, so let’s all pay taxes, even if we do have to reduce the property tax, and I think it should be reduced and the sales tax increased. Not just the Democrats are proposing this and supporting this.


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