SOUND OFF: 2/04/12

Published 12:01 am Saturday, February 4, 2012

Sound Off highlights anonymous, brief takes on the news offered via telephone by Daily News readers.

At the Jan. 23 City Council meeting, Councilman Doug Mercer stated he often falls asleep during council meetings. If Mr. Mercer is unable to stay awake during these meetings, perhaps he should give his seat to someone who can.

Editor’s note: During the Jan. 23 meeting, Mercer said he “apparently slept through part of a meeting” during which the Charlotte Street bridge was discussed as being part of the project to improve drainage in the Jack’s Creek basin. “I apparently missed somewhere in the discussions of that drainage project that we were going to take out Charlotte Street bridge. … I slept through that discussion, and I apologize for nodding off.”

I really like Gillian Pollock’s latest column, but she forgot one very important item: if your left hand itches, you’re going to receive money. If your right hand itches, you owe money. You’re supposed to scratch them.

This is something about Bartow Houston’s great writing and his thinking. As for two great presidents from the rest of the years after those people he mentioned, that would be Reagan and Kennedy. I don’t know why he wouldn’t think they were as good as any of those other four.

Thanks to Betty Gray and the Washington Daily News for alerting the people of Beaufort County about the proposed Martin Marietta Materials mine.

How many more accidents resulting in serious injuries or even death are going to have to happen at Douglas Crossroads before something is done about it? This is really getting serious. It’s just an accident waiting to happen all the time. So, let’s do something about it and get it straightened, where there won’t be so many people getting hurt.

Let me pose this question: can we not update the comic page? Most of those comic strips are out of date.

Just recently having surgery at Vidant Beaufort Hospital, I was recovering from surgery. I would like to thank the wonderful women who were the nursing staff on the second floor. I was treated as well as anyone could be treated, and they made my stay very comfortable. Thank you so much for the wonderful people in the health-care profession on the second floor of the hospital.

To the person who has all the cats in Pamlico Village: I would appreciate it if that person would keep them out of my yard, as I am a bird watcher. I had one to blow up on me this morning, and the next time that happens, that person might not have a cat.

I’m calling to thank you for the pets of the week that were in the paper recently. These are beautiful animals. Thank you for trying to save their lives. Continue the good work.

Good point in Wednesday’s Sound Off about seniors are the ones spending money downtown. They would be the ones to eat out, to shop. The younger the person — they’re not going to spend the money. They’re just interested in parking and hanging out and causing trouble and sowing a few wild oats. Downtown should cater to the affluent, the senior citizens, the retirees. They are the ones with the money who would spend it downtown. Good point, though.

The City Council’s property tax revenue is $4.2 million per year. The excess reserve fund balance is $6 million, which is equal to one and a half years of property-tax revenue. Instead of trying to protect the reserve fund, this excess money should be returned to the taxpayers. There is no justification for the City Council to confiscate my money for which it has no need or purpose.

I understand the chief of police will be leaving the city. I guess the City Council finally got its way. Is this another step toward outsourcing the police department?

At the traffic light where 15th Street and Hudnell Street meet, coming from Eastern Elementary School, that left turn is a very dangerous turn. We desperately need a turn signal there before someone loses his or her life.

The new hiking trail between Harvey Street and East Third Street is a filthy mess. The ducks and the geese are making it unbearable to walk that area. The city needs to do something to rectify that. There are too many geese and ducks in that area to make it even safe to walk. So it’s important, after all the money that’s been spent on this trail, that at least we should be able to walk on it without stepping in duck and geese poop.

I think the guy with the merchandise on U.S. Highway 17 is doing the people a great service. We can’t all afford to get dressed up and go shop at Wal-Mart.

Concerning the people who are calling in about law-enforcement officers driving too fast: I don’t have a bit of a problem with law-enforcement officers driving fast when they are responding to a call. The problem I see out at the Highway Patrol and the police is that they drive fast when they are not responding to a call. Speed-limit signs are there for me and every other citizens as well as them, and should be obeyed.

Where in this country has unemployment suddenly fell to 8.3 percent? Is this a political forest or what? I’d like to know where it’s 8.3 percent.

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