Write Again … “I’ll be seeing you”

Published 12:06 am Tuesday, February 7, 2012

What, if anything, can express emotions more effectively than music?

Almost all of us feel some connection to and between our past and music. The songs that you remember. They were a part of your life. They will always have a special place in your memories. Always.

There was a song that was a part of the “Greatest Generation.” To them, especially during wartime, it evoked powerful emotions.

The lyrics are almost incomparable, especially to those who lived during the time of this song’s popularity.

Those who came after the “Greatest Generation” probably have never heard or heard of this song. Even so, for those who also “hear with their heart” you may well understand what I am trying — rather clumsily — to say.

This is that song:

“I’ll be seeing you in all the old familiar places, that this heart of mine embraces — all day through.

“In that small cafe, the park across the way, The children’s carousel, the chestnut trees, the wishing well.

“Oh I’ll be seeing you in every lovely summer’s day, in everything that’s light ‘n’ gay, I’ll always think of you that way. I’ll find you in the morning sun; and when the night is new, I’ll be looking at the moon — But I’ll be seeing you.”

Sheer poetry of the heart set to music.

If you ever — ever — were in love, then had it become a “lost love;” or were ever separated from someone you loved, and had no assurance you would see her or him again, then this song says it best.

“ … and when the night is new, I’ll be looking at the moon — but I’ll be seeing you.”

Poignant, powerful, even painful, perhaps.

Memories …