SOUND OFF: 2/11/12

Published 12:07 am Saturday, February 11, 2012

Sound Off highlights anonymous, brief takes on the news offered via telephone by Daily News readers.

Hey, Pamlico Village bird watchers: the cat owner doesn’t read the paper, so never got your warning. Now she has a broken-hearted daughter because you killed her cat. Hope you’re happy watching your birds.

I will kiss anybody on the lips or give them $100 if they could ever convince me that a comic strip “B.C.” or “Hi and Lois” is funny. These comic strips are outdated. My father used to say it all the time: I’ll give you $100 or a kiss on the lips if you can convince me that “B.C.” or “Hi and Lois” is funny.

Beaufort County should drop the property tax rate for the over-evaluation. This would be a win-win situation. There would not be a need to hire re-evaluators and everyone would be saving the same percent.

This is a sad day today for the United States. The Supreme Court justices have ruled that in a public meeting, you cannot start it with a prayer. And even more disturbing, I watched the six o’clock news on television and this particular fact was not even mentioned. They’re stripping us of our liberties. God bless America.

If there is such a safety net for the poor, why are there so many starving children in this country?

We conservatives do not agree in government handouts. That is what the Aurora ferry is and it’s got to stop. Enough of this free service. I don’t use it and why should I pay with my taxes?

With the ongoing news story about the tolls on the local ferries, what never seems to get mentioned is that our man Bill Cook voted for these. He now seems to be trying to get on the other side of the issue by lobbying to have it repealed. But in the first instance, if he hadn’t voted for it, he would have a lot more credibility.

My thanks to the Washington Daily News for keeping on the opinion page the Gene Lyons article. I ran out of Kleenex this morning.

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