Write Again … Random shots (not from Cupid’s bow)

Published 12:06 am Tuesday, February 14, 2012

The Thin Man — Over the course of the last many years I have really struggled with my weight. That is, the lack thereof. Hardly a week goes by that someone doesn’t tell me that I need to put on some weight. Some even tell me specifically how to do that. Would that such was that simple.

I don’t solicit anyone’s opinions, suggestions, about this matter. They just must feel it necessary to “advise” me. Although tempted, I never, ever tell anyone that he or she needs to lose some weight. Never. (But I’d like to sometimes.)


Sartorial Trends — This is not a new or original observation. I refer to the importance some attach to being “in style” as regards their manner of dress. Their clothes. You may have noticed that in the last year or so it has become de rigueur for TV personalities, young business men, and others as well, to wear a suit without a necktie.

Such a mode of dress has been the norm for many leaders in the Arab world for years. Also, to be up with the latest trend, many men evidently like the I-haven’t-shaved-in-a-number-of-days look. I once read that many who eschew the fashions of the past slavishly follow those of the present.


Graduation Speech — High schools and colleges and universities often invite well-known, successful people to speak at their graduation ceremonies. Such speeches are almost always pertinent and thoughtfully constructed. How much — how little — of these addresses are long remembered?

Sometimes I think I would like to be invited to give a graduation speech at a school. I would do it with an economy of words. It would be something like this:

Don’t drink and drive. Don’t ride with any driver who has been drinking. Don’t become a part of the drug culture. Do or say something nice for or to someone each day. Visit a nursing home at least several times a year. Read (or try to cultivate the habit) books on a regular basis. Be kind to animals; neither abuse or neglect them. Pray. Do it on a regular basis and/or whenever you sense the need.

That’s it. A couple of minutes at most. End of speech.


For the Trip — A fellow I knew during my Outer Banks days once said that when he died he wanted someone to put a roll of duct tape and a can of WD40 oil in his casket. His reasoning was that he’d rarely been any place where he couldn’t use one or the other.


Nicknames Addendum — Here are a few more: Gopher, Curly, Whitey, Sambo, Cambo, Bones, Charnick, Grit, Snake, Smiley, K-Lips, Beaver, Quagmire, Bud-deemus.

Enough “Random Shots” for now.

Have yourself a very good day. More calendar-appropriate, have yourself a Happy Valentine’s Day!