SOUND OFF: 2/26/12

Published 7:29 pm Saturday, February 25, 2012

Sound Off highlights anonymous, brief takes on the news offered via telephone by Daily News readers.

The city could build a lot of bridges with the money it pays out for employees, motors and contractors at Third Street and Park Drive. And for what? It does not appear to do any good, at least not until the bridge at East Main Street and the railroad tracks are opened up more to let the water out faster.

Thank you for carrying Gene Lyons’ columns. His column on the hypocrisy in the Catholic Church regarding contraception is unusually good. Thanks again for carrying this fine columnist.

I sat on the bench at the playground watching my children play. They love the playground, so I really need to thank the Tomasulo family and the parks and recreation director again because this probably wouldn’t be here at this location if it hadn’t been for our director of the parks. We all need to appreciate what we have.

Remember, we took a stand and shouted “UHS, UHS,” and now we need to shout “Urgent Care, Urgent Care.” Please, Vidant Health, leave it be.

I read with interest about the George Washington celebration. Many of my friends and I would love to have been there, but evidently the public wasn’t invited. While we were eating lunch the other day, I heard a woman say that she received an invitation. So, we had a discussion. Was this public? Private? Whatever. It wasn’t even in the paper until after it was over. How sad. There could have been many people there.

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