SOUND OFF: 3/1/12

Published 7:54 pm Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Sound Off highlights anonymous, brief takes on the news offered via telephone by Daily News readers.


I just read Diana West on scorched Qurans. I want to congratulate the Washington Daily News. Diana West is a keeper. There’s another guy, named Gene Lyons, you can dispense with, and bring in more Diana West.


You would think that someone in Vidant Health authority is intelligent enough to realize that urgent care should be expanded to cover weekends, not closed. They provide care at much-cheaper costs and better collection percentage than the emergency room. Costs in operations will surely multiply when all the load is put on the emergency room.


Bird lovers, bird watchers, please give me an answer. My friend and I were watching very tiny birds (brownish-gray) the other day. They were even smaller than a wren. However, we thought maybe they were of the wren family. What are they?


I like Sound Off. It’s not full of convoluted semantics with parameters that no one understands, like my homeowner’s/auto insurance and taxes. I cut out Sound Off and mail it to Landstuhl Regional Medical Center (operated by the Army) near Ramstein Air Base in Germany, and the troops love it.

Criminals should be given like — L-I-K-E — punishment, not light — L-I-G-H-T — punishment. They should have to pay for their keep, just like older folks in nursing homes have to pay. There would be less crime and more money for people who deserve to be helped.


We wouldn’t have a stray cat and dog problem if the adults in this town knew how to take care of their animals instead of letting them run around all over the place and reproduce. Try being part of the solution and spay or neuter your pets instead of making stupid, sarcastic remarks in Sound Off.


In response to your Tuesday political cartoon: How about a donkey hold an ax over a baby with the same caption: “The right to life doesn’t extend to every thing?” Oh, don’t forget the tattoo on the shoulder with the skull and the crossbones and the word “Kill.” Fifty-three million and counting. I’ll call again if this is not printed.


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