SOUND OFF: 3/9/12

Published 5:34 pm Thursday, March 8, 2012

Sound Off highlights anonymous, brief takes on the news offered via telephone by Daily News readers.

The Washington Daily News recently had an editorial supporting Gov. Perdue’s veto of the legislation requiring a form of identification in order to vote. The key opinion expressed in the editorial was that there were relatively few complaints of voter fraud and therefore no form of identification is needed. The fact of the matter is that the Board of Elections in Beaufort County does not update its voter rolls until every other odd year. Which means, basically, that people who move are carried on the rolls for at least another year until they are eliminated. So my question, therefore, is how would it know there is no voter fraud, when, in fact, the rolls aren’t updated until every other year. It seems that it should do its homework before it writes an editorial that reflects such a lack of understanding.

The people on the south side of the river are concerned about why Southside High School’s baseball team is undefeated — they’ve won their last three games — and nothing has been published in the paper. We were just wondering if maybe we needed to quit buying the paper. Anyway, we’d like to know why these games have not been published in the Washington Daily News.

There’s high class and there’s low class, but with the Washington Daily News’ editorial cartoon on Tuesday, I think that is no class.

I’d like to know why Washington High School is discriminating against the girls’ JV softball team, and why the coaches refuse to work with the JV team, but practice with the varsity team which has only won one game in two years?

I just read about the stipends our county leaders receive in an article about Mr. Cochran. I challenge Betty Mitchell Gray or any writer to publish exactly what all our elected leaders receive — such as the Board of Commissioners, City Council, etcetera — in stipends and compensation.  I think the public would be interested.
Editor’s note: That information, which the Daily News has published in the past, is public record. Under state law, the appropriate governing body will provide that information upon request.

I realize that lack of control or feelings that you have no choice causes anxiety and resentment. Vidant Health is not the cause of the high cost of health care. Hard business decisions have to be made to keep a business healthy. The options of CHS or closing the doors of the hospital would not have presented any better results.

I can’t believe in Tuesday’s paper that y’all had a photograph of a young man on a skateboard at the skatepark, and he was not wearing a helmet or pads. I thought that was a rule of the skatepark. It’s just shows people can get out there and skate without protection. I think that’s wrong.

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