Andy’s becomes Highway 55

Published 7:28 pm Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Andy’s Burgers Shakes & Fries, the 1950s-style restaurant chain, changed its name to Highway 55.

Although the name changed, the restaurant chain’s concept will stay the same as it’s been since its establishment in 1991.

Patrons may expect to see the new Highway 55 signs at the local Washington, Belhaven and Chocowinity restaurants as of Thursday.

The name change was sparked by a potential legal battle over the federal trademark for the name “Andy’s” that arose as the company prepared to expand outside of its home state. After being known as Andy’s for 20 years, founder and president Kenny Moore decided that a system-wide switch to Highway 55 was the most cost-effective way to grow the brand.

“We’re looking at the name change as a positive opportunity to start new and fresh,” Moore said. “Customers will see we’re the same Andy’s they’ve always known; the only difference is the new name. What we’ve built for the past 20 years isn’t going to change at all.”

To celebrate the new name, a mural map of N.C. Highway 55, a 192-mile highway stretching across North Carolina from Durham to Oriental, will be painted on the walls of each Highway 55 location. A timeline painted above the map will give patrons a glimpse of Highway 55’s history from 1991 to the present.