SOUND OFF: 3/14/12

Published 7:44 pm Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Sound Off highlights anonymous, brief takes on the news offered via telephone by Daily News readers.


To the persons who ask why the Washington Daily News doesn’t print various game scores: it is not the responsibility of the newspaper to call the schools for scores. It is the responsibility of the schools to notify the media. Unless an event has a reporter covering it, clubs, organizations, what have you, must submit their news. No newspaper can print what it doesn’t have. This I know because I reported news of my organization when living in Florida.


I’d like to know why some parents of the JV softball team is stirring the pot. Why not take the time and courage to speak to the head coach about your concerns?


I saw on the news the other night that they’re adding something called “pink slime” to hamburger meat, and I was wondering if maybe the people in Washington that sell hamburgers and everything would mind letting the public know if they use this pink slime because if they don’t, my hamburger days are over.


The editorial cartoon about Brietbart was exactly right. It was not being disrespectful. It was really telling the truth. He is continuing to do damage and to tell lies and hurt people, even in death. The cartoon editorial was telling the exact truth, not being disrespectful. Brietbart lived as he wanted to and he died the same way.


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