Festival Park rules

Published 7:45 pm Thursday, March 15, 2012

  • No hand cart to be used on steps. All hand carts or pull carts of any kind must use the ramp.
  • No chains, zip ties, tape or straps of any kind may be attached or come in contact with the metal structures.
  • Nothing will be permitted that will scratch, mark or deface metal structure, bricks, concrete slab, walkway or caps.
  • Banners may only be displayed along the rail at the top of the shelter or along the sides of the shelter. Nothing should be displayed from the handrails.
  • All banners must be displayed with string.
  • No amusement rides will be permitted in this area. Amusement rides also include blow-ups.
  • No fires or open flames to be used under structures. No oils and liquids allowed because they stain flooring.
  • It is the responsibility of the event planner who is renting/reserving a structure to enforce these rules. Any damage to the structure is the financial responsibility of the event planner who is renting/reserving the structure.
  • No driving in the park, except along the grasscrete areas.
  • Dance floors may be placed on the grass, but they should only be put down the day of the event and must be removed at the conclusion of the event.
  • All tent locations must be approved by the events and facilities manager. Tents may be erected no more than two days prior to the event (upon availability) and must be removed the day after the event. For Friday evening or Saturday events, tents must be removed by the following Monday.
  • All trash/garbage containers and portable toilets must be set up on hard surfaces.
  • All food events must be catered by an approved vendor. A list of approved venders is available from the city. Requests may be made for additional vendors.