Take ownership of Festival Park

Published 8:06 pm Saturday, March 17, 2012

A drive or stroll along Water Street between the N.C. Estuarium and the old Maola building should make your heart swell with pride.

In less than a year, what used to be a big vacant lot has been transformed into Festival Park by the City of Washington.

On the west end, children climb and swing at the pirate ship-themed Papa’s Playground a short distance from new public restrooms.

The concert pavilion is the jewel in the center of the park, but the two-seat Adirondack swing hanging from a pergola has become a popular location for adults to sit and view the Pamlico River.

The picnic pavilion on the west end is sure to see its share of activity as warmer weather invites more outdoor activities.

Even the landscaping is shaking off the cold and springing to life.

Because of Festival Park, more people are rediscovering the Washington waterfront.

We would like to see it remain that way.

At its Monday meeting, the Washington City Council approved a fee schedule and rules for Festival Park. Many of the rules are meant to prevent damage to the structures or grounds.

Where the city is responsible for creating Festival Park, it belongs to all residents of the community and we have an obligation to keep it looking nice for everyone.

As we approach the one-year anniversary of the start of construction April 1, let us be proud of what we have on the waterfront and make a commitment to keep it appealing for all by following the rules.