SOUND OFF: 3/20/12

Published 8:02 pm Monday, March 19, 2012

Sound Off highlights anonymous, brief takes on the news offered via telephone by Daily News readers.

I’m just concerned, I want to know what are the small mosquito-net type bugs that have been plaguing the area for the past couple of weeks. If anyone knows, I would really be intrigued to find out what those bugs are. I can’t walk out of my house without a whole swarm of them all around, can’t get to my car. Just want to know what these bugs are. Thank you.

Well, I opened the Tuesday morning, March 13, edition of the Washington Daily News and read my favorite part of the paper, Sound Off, and what do I see but complaint and complaint and complaint about the Washington Daily News. Here’s a nostalgic idea for all you naysayers and complainers: don’t subscribe to the paper. Why must you punish yourself to subscribe to something you really don’t like? I think this says a lot for your character.

It bothers me that the murderers of my friend Len Willson are enjoying life. They have a clean cell, clean clothes, good food, and look what they’ve done to my friend Len. They don’t deserve anything. Let’s hope somehow they get the death penalty.

Republicans planning to vote in the primary and general election should read the new book titled “The Mormon People” by Matthew Bowman. You will find it most informative.

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