SOUND OFF: 3/31/12

Published 2:32 pm Friday, March 30, 2012

Sound Off highlights anonymous, brief takes on the news offered via telephone by Daily News readers.

City taxpayers should be made aware that Councilman Doug Mercer suggested that the Capital Improvement Plan should include plans to move city government out of the current City Hall to a more-efficient, modern building.

Easter Sunday is redundant. Easter is always on Sunday. The proper way to designate Easter is Easter Day.

Why are we getting budget cuts for schools when we have the N.C. Education Lottery, with all the money going to schools? Where is all the money going?

After reading the tax delinquencies notices in the paper, it’s amazing to see how many of these so-called developers, landowners, business owners, politicians and want-to-be politicians don’t pay their taxes. Yet, they want us to give them money all the time.

In an effort to help with Beaufort County Schools’ operating budget, we need to stop educating people who are here illegally.

That swampy area adjacent to the city boat ramp is wetlands. We would have to get the permission of (state and federal government agencies) in order to do anything with cleaning up that area.

I would like to thank the Washington Daily News for putting information in the paper about two small businesses: Lone Leaf Gallery and Leggett Farm Organics. It’s nice to hear (about) small businesses and young people who want to stay and thrive in eastern North Carolina, especially Washington. It’s nice when you hear stories of successful businesses in Washington and the surrounding area. I know for a fact that Leggett Farm Organics has absolutely the best tomatoes and yellow-cabbage collards, and Lone Leaf Gallery has awesome artwork.

Vidant Beaufort Hospital has an excellent ER department. In a life-threatening emergency, they saved a life. Thank you, Dr. Murphy and the ER staff. You are wonderful.

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